On Saturday 30th September 2023 during the early afternoon we gathered together to commemorate the contribution Estonians made to Thirlmere and to celebrate with the Thirlmere community, the restoration of the Kungla sign and to unveil the commemorative Kungla Storyboard, located at 39 The Oaks Street, Thirlmere.

The Kungla sign and the commemorative Kungla Storyboard

The Estonian Cultural Foundation in Australia (ECFA) was pleased to contribute towards the cost of this restoration via the 2021/2022 Grant Program.

Highly recommended is a visit to the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum; the publication, “From Estonia to Thirlmere”; and also this wonderful Facebook post from Councillor Michael Banasik.

The commemorative Kungla Storyboard, located at 39 The Oaks Street, Thirlmere

Thanks to Judy Hannan, MP Member for Wollondilly; the special people who planned and organised the Kungla sign restoration and created the Storyboard: Councillor Michael Banasik; Mart Rampe; representatives of The Oaks Historical Society and the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum: Trish Hill and Doreen Lyon.

Also, Estonian community representatives: Sulev Kalamae, the Estonian Honorary Consul; Maie Barrow, Honorary Archivist of Estonian Archives in Australia; and Ingrid Galloway (née Tartu) Director Secretary of the ECFA.

Photos from the Event

Kind Regards…
Ingrid Galloway (née Tartu)